about us
"Our mission is to provide exceptional accounting services to small and medium sized businesses, while fostering a supportive community for their growth and success."

J&S Accounting is a family run accounting firm dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients and to help business owners make sound decisions that benefit their operations.

We are professionals with vast experience in the accounting, tax and business consulting, who are committed to providing reliable and timely solutions. Our aim is to help businesses grow and succeed through careful analysis of every aspect of the accounting landscape. 

Through ongoing training, careful research and an enthusiasm for learning new trends in the field of accounting, we stay up to date with the latest industry regulations, to ensure that our services remain relevant and of the highest quality. 

We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service, and have always been passionate about working closely with clients to understand their needs, delivering tailor made services which help meet their goals.

Our Values

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Businesses rely on professional behaviour to ensure their operations run smoothly and effectively.

Professionalism helps build trust between a business and its customers, as it communicates a commitment to quality, transparency and reliability.

Through professionalism, companies are able to meet legal obligations, maximise their potential profits, and set a standard of excellence that they strive to uphold in all aspects of their operations.


Quality should never be compromised.

We will ensure our services are delivered to the highest quality and our clients expectations are exceeded. 

Quality is paramount in the accounting field. Clients rely on the accuracy and reliability of financial documents and reports produced by an accounting firm.

Without proper quality control measures, clients cannot be confident that their records are up-to-date and accurate. It is important for accounting firms to adhere to rigorous standards for document accuracy and precision when producing reports and other related services. This ensures that their clients receive reliable information that they can trust when making business decisions.

Quality also contributes to an overall professional image of the accounting firm, which increases client confidence and loyalty.


Strong communication is essential for the success of any business.

When businesses communicate effectively with their customers, employees and partners, they foster a collaborative environment that encourages growth and productivity.

Good communication allows us to better understand client needs and collaborate effectively, helping our clients take their businesses to the next level.

With strong communication, J&S Accounting strives to provide its clients with reliable, timely service every time.